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Wing Foil | Wing Surf

Wing foil, also known as wing surf, is one of the easiest ways to ride on the water with a hydrofoil. However, to learn and progress quickly, it is necessary to start in the best conditions, with appropriate equipment and following basic instruction.

Before getting into the water, accustoming yourself with the wing on the sand to understand how the wing works and feels (whilst using the correct techniques and hand positions on the wing).

The ideal conditions to start are: a calm water with the least swell possible, relatively deep water, and sufficient wind. Before moving  onto the foil board, it helps to start your progress using a larger board without a hydrofoil. This enables you understand how the Wing  can be manipulated and is much easier to balance. During these lessons on the flatter board, you will learn turning techniques, pumping chewing to generate more power and perfect your stance.

Moving from your level here, you will progress starting with a hydrofoil board. Here you will learn your water start on your new board, the correct weight distribution to raise the foil out of the water and begin wing foiling like a professional!

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